Chinese Jade • Guangzhou Jade Market Puzzle

1 September 2012

An investigation into nephrite and imitation nephrite pebbles purchased in Guangzhou, China's Hualin Street jade market.

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Emerald Buddha • Symbol of the Kingdom of Thailand

1 June 2010

An exploration of the history and lore of the Emerald Buddha, a green statue that resides in Bangkok, Thailand’s Wat Phra Kaeo and watches over Thailand.

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Gems & Junkies in Burma • Gem Smuggling • Conspiracy Theory

1 September 2001

A look at the nexus between gem smuggling and drug smuggling out of Burma (Myanmar), along with the two-faced policies of certain Western governments.

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Russia Jade Mines • Khakassia, Kazakhstan & Polar Jade

1 October 2000

Jadeite jade is a stone intimately associated with Burma (Myanmar). But there are deposits in other countries. This article details Russia's jadeite deposits in the Polar Urals and Khakassia.

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Burmese Jade: The Inscrutable Gem

1 January 2000

Myanmar's jadeite mines occupy a privileged place, representing the planet's principal source of fine jadeite jade. This article covers the deposits themselves, along with the cutting, grading and trading of jadeite.

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Gemology, Mineral and Jewelry Links • Axis of Interest

1 November 1998

Links to websites related to gemology, gemstones, minerals and jewelry.

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Gem Books • Gemology Books • Jewelry Books • The Gemologist's Core Library

1 January 1998

A curated list of the most important books on gems, gemology, jewelry, mineralogy and allied fields.

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