Merci from • Thanks to Our Friends

1 January 1998
By Richard Hughes
Merci from • Thanks to Our Friends

Thanks to all those who have helped us over the years.

Pygmaeos gigantum humeris impositos, plusquam ipsos gigantes videre.
(Dwarfs on the shoulders of giants see further than the giants themselves.)
Stella Didacus (Diego de Estella) [1524–1578]

Merci from • Thanks to Our Friends

Nothing occurs in a vacuum. is not the creation of single individual, but the result of a lifetime of collaboration. I would like to specifically thank the following for their help at

First, my brother, David Hughes, who was responsible for the original design of this site. The best bits are all his. Thanks, David, you’re the man!

Second, to my wife, Wimon, and daughter, Billie, who have patiently supported me during the countless hours spent in the care and feeding of a web site.

A big thanks to my extended families, my American family in Boulder, CO, and my Thai family in Bangkok.

And, to the following. May all your dreams come true…

  • Richard Allen
  • Dr. E. "Hanuman" Aspler
  • Tom Banker
  • Steven Baughman
  • Riccardo Bertoncelli
  • Rick Blankenhorn
  • Dudley Blauwet
  • Edward Boehm
  • Marc Bogerd
  • George Bosshart (r.i.p.(
  • Eric Braunwart
  • James Breski
  • Barry Broman
  • Cal Brown
  • Grahame Browne (r.i.p.)
  • Charles Cameron
  • Tom Chatham
  • Fred and Sopha Chu
  • Terry Coldham
  • Paula Crevoshay
  • Tom Cushman
  • Dona Dirlam of the GIA Library
  • Richard Drucker and Stuart Robertson
  • Garry Du Toit
  • Jim & Jennie Elliot
  • John Emmett and Karen Palmer
  • Thomas Färber
  • Elaine Ferrari-Santhon of the GIA Library
  • Thomas Frieden
  • Olivier Galibert
  • David Glickman (r.i.p.)
  • Mike and Pat Grey
  • Daniel Grondin
  • Tino Hammid  (r.i.p.)
  • Henry Hänni
  • Alan & Charlotte Hodgekinson
  • Robert Kane
  • Alice Keller and Brendan Laurs
  • John Koivula
  • Nickolai Kouznetzov
  • Rick Krementz
  • William Larson, Josh Hall, Gabriel Mattice
  • Tony Laughter
  • Barbara Lawrence and Sivan Silverman
  • Tom Lee
  • Alexander Leuenberger
  • Shane McLure
  • Roland Naftule
  • Kurt Nassau
  • Donald A. Palmieri
  • Vincent Pardieu
  • PK Gems & Gold Co.
  • Todd A. Pownell
  • Peter Read
  • Ricardo V. Reyes
  • The Rogers Family
  • Doug Ross
  • Ken Scarratt of the GIA
  • Joseph Schall
  • Dana Schorr (r.i.p.)
  • Jeff Scovil
  • Mark Smith
  • David Squires & Paul Holewa
  • Judy Steinberg-Bricker
  • John and Linda Stimson
  • Maha Tannous
  • Petcharaporn Tantiwong of Lapis Gemologists
  • Tom & Myriam Tashey
  • Tay Thye Sun
  • Ted and Angelo Themelis
  • Jim Varak
  • Ben Vardi of Vardi Coloredhouse
  • Matt Thompson
  • Harold & Erica Van Pelt
  • Veerasak and Tanyapron Trirotanan
  • Fred Ward (r.i.p.)
  • Simon & Laurie Watt
  • David Weinberg
  • Robert & Rolf Weiser
  • Robert Weldon
  • Ray & Sheila Zajicek
  • Gamini Zoysa
  • Urs Zwyssig

If I’ve left you out, my sincerest apologies. Let me know and I'll update the page.

Finally a special thanks to all the readers who have taken the time to share their thoughts, send information, etc. It is your feedback which keeps me going. Thanks!

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