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Sample Chapters:

« Chapter 5: Inclusions
« Chapter 10: Judging Quality: A Connoisseur's Guide

Chapter 12: World Sourcesdot
dot« Burma (including Burma ruby)
dot« India (including Kashmir sapphire)

Other Selections:
« History of Ruby and Sapphire Treatments
« A Sample Sidebar
« Appendix B: Ruby & Sapphire Price Tables

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RUBY & SAPPHIRE by Richard W. Hughes is one of the finest books ever published on precious stones. It contains a wealth of information, including prices, quality analysis, sources, history, treatments and identification. This book is suitable for libraries, museums, auction houses, jewelers, gemologists, collectors, manufacturers, gem traders, miners, geologists, consumers – in short, anyone with an interest in precious stones.

512 pp.
8.5 x 11 inches
Cloth-bound hardcover with dust jacket
Over 350 full-color illustrations
Dozens of maps, tables & figures
Over 2400 references

More about RUBY & SAPPHIRE…

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