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A technical work that elicits anything other than yawns is always a scarce item. But RUBY & SAPPHIRE is just such a book: a rare combination of fact and fun, the pertinent and the peculiar…

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RUBY & SAPPHIRE by Richard W. Hughes is a journey into one of mankind's most fascinating subjects. As each page is turned, a new adventure awaits. Journey to Burma's Mogok Stone Tract, where pigeon's-blood rubies are pried from both soil and central government control. Marvel over India's maharajahs, the world's greatest gem collectors. Explore the legendary Valley of Serpents, into which pieces of meat were cast to trap rubies. And ascend to the lofty snows of Kashmir, where storied blue-velvet sapphires were once mined. These are but a few of the amazing and colorful tales within.

This exhaustively-researched chronicle is the culmination of over 15 years of first-hand experience. Since much of the author's life has been spent actually living and trading in the major ruby & sapphire gem centers, RUBY & SAPPHIRE has an authenticity rarely achieved in print. But this is no dry, scholarly tome. Richard Hughes' fluid and witty writing is both entertaining and compelling, regaling the reader with insider knowledge and fascinating anecdotes.

If you purchase just a single book on precious stones or minerals, it should be RUBY & SAPPHIRE. Whether you are a jeweler, gemologist or simply a lover of gems, this book will repay its cost many times over. Contact the publisher directly for your copy.


  • Side-by-side photos illustrate differences in color and quality, making it possible for even novices to separate top stones from inferior pieces.
  • Fully illustrated. Over 350 full-color photos and dozens of other illustrations.
  • Extensive price tables cover rubies & sapphires from around the globe.
  • Tricks of the trade – how to avoid being taken advantage of in both buying and selling.
  • Exhaustive descriptions and sale prices of important stones.
  • World sources from A to Z – over 50 countries.
  • Full discussions on how to spot synthetic and treated rubies & sapphires.
  • More than 2400 references – the most complete ruby & sapphire bibliography ever assembled.

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